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  • 11 October 2019
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    What Is A Hypercar

Hypercar vs. Supercar


Have you ever heard of a hypercar and thought to yourself, what makes a car a ‘hypercar’? It seems anyone on the internet, especially on social media has their thoughts and opinions branding them as a ‘hypercar’ when they are not. This know it all guide explains what it means to be a hypercar.
Lotus Evija Rear view


The term hypercar derives from a supercar, which is the top of the range in performance cars, with the most supreme technology, design, and performance. Back in 1920, the term supercar was first used in The Times newspaper to describe the 6.7 litre Bentley Ensign for their readers to know it was a top of the range specification automotive car.


A hypercar can be defined as the most superior and high-performance cars on the market worldwide. Only 1% of cars are hypercars, the first one was produced in 1963, the Lamborghini Miura. This was also known as the P400. The Lamborghini Miura can accelerate to 60mph in under 6 seconds and on to a top speed of 180mph whereas one of the newest hypercars on the market can go from 0-186mph in under 9 seconds! This hypercar is the Lotus Evija electric hypercar (pronounced ih-via), the name means ‘the living one’. The Lotus Evija is highly exclusive as only 130 will ever be built. This puts the Lotus Evija at the top as the most powerful supercar to ever be built plus it is fully electric taking only 18 minutes on a 350-kilowatt charge. If you have a spare £2 million sat in your bank account then this Lotus Evija could be yours.
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The core elements of a Hypercar

Here we discuss the main elements that make up a Hypercar. Differentiating this from your average daily commute to work car to the top of the range Supercar.

Limited releases

Hypercars are exclusive, car manufacturer Lotus has recently released the new electric car, Lotus Evija and will only make 130 of them ever. It is possible to rent supercars around £20,000 for 24 hours but it will most likely only be for movie productions, photoshoots, and trade shows.


The world's high-performance cars have mind-blowing designs. These cars are unique and individual, we are instantly drawn to their design and appearance.


Cost is a crucial factor, with the top of the range specs and designed with every small detail in mind it comes as no surprise that the cost of a Hypercar is in its millions. For example, the cost of a Bugatti, a French Hypercar cost ranges between £1 million - 2.5 million pounds. The release of the new Divo Hypercar which sold out in just one day costing £4.7 million. To show you the true cost of this performance car, the cost of an oil change whether it has been driven or not is an extortionate £17,000 due to its exclusivity. This double-checks it is running at its highest output and efficiency.

Build quality

The build quality is what differentiates a hypercar from a sports car and a supercar is the build quality. Although a high performance hypercar is meant to be designed for elegance and high speeds, they need to last and thrive seen as many cars cannot maintain high speeds, especially above 100 miles per hour to ensure they do not become unsafe. Referring back to the cost, they are expensive and need to be built to a top quality standard to ensure the safety of the driver, passengers, and road drivers.
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