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What Is Leasing?

At Howards, we aim to offer deals that are tailored to your needs, responding to what you truly value. Therefore, our leasing opportunities are unequalled industry-wide, providing not only competitive prices but choice across a broad range of new and used renowned brands.

We customise our lease packages to fit around your life, arranging periodic payments for monthly dates that suit you. We provide impartial advice that benefits from over 40 years of customer focused services, adapting terms that are right for you. At Howards, we provide a series of personal leases, including personal contract hire (or PCH) and we pride ourselves on a reputation built upon a foundation of trust. We also offer fleet business leases, both long-term and short-term and one-off deals for individual commercial vehicles and pride ourselves on providing customised advice that maintains your best financial interests at heart.

What is Personal Leasing?

Personal leasing consists of an upfront payment followed by regular monthly payments over a fixed period of time. You can benefit from leasing in circumstances when you don’t want to commit to owning one vehicle for a long period of time because, with leasing, you can change to a different car or van every few years. You’re effectively ‘renting’ the vehicle, which is usually cheaper than outright financing a car as you don’t actually ‘own’ it, the dealer is the owner.

The dealer will advise the best agreement suited to your needs; a fixed term, monthly payments and a set mileage will be agreed. Additional charges occur if you exceed the mileage stated on the contract. Once the contract has ended you will then hand the vehicle back to the dealer.

What is Personal Contract Hire (PCH)?

If you are looking to buy a newer car or a more expensive vehicle with lower monthly repayments, a PCH contract should be right for your needs.

A PCH is similar to a lease as you pay a fixed monthly rental which can vary, depending on the initial payment, depreciation of the vehicle and the mileage of the contract. This is a good option if you want to change vehicles every few years to possibly a better one than you would normally be able to afford, but don’t want to buy it at the end of the contract. The monthly instalments would include a maintenance package as well as road tax.

How A PCP Contract Works.

Generally, a PCP contract works like this. A dealer will work out your monthly payments for your PCP contract by taking the purchase price of the vehicle, deducting any deposit you may have put down (this could be a part exchange or cash). Then they add the interest that you will pay over the agreed period of ownership of the vehicle. Then the dealer takes that total figure and divides it by the agreed number of months. This provides you with a fixed monthly payment.


You're looking at taking a PCP contract out on a car that costs £22,000 and you want to pay this over 4 years. You part exchange your old car for £4000, this leaves you with £18,000 to pay. Now you need to add the interest on the 3-year borrowing, let's say this is £2500. We add this figure (£2500) to the remaining payment total (£18,000) which is £20,500. We now divide this by the agreed 48 months, leaving you with a simple monthly payment of £427.

At the end of a PCP contract you get 4 choices;

Pay back the final payment and keep the car.
Re-finance the remaining money over a further period.
Sell the car and use the money for a deposit on a new car.
Don’t pay back the final payment, hand the keys back to the dealer and walk away.

What is Business Fleet Leasing?

Designed for a business that is looking to lease a fleet of vehicles at a cost-effective rate. The major plus-point of business fleet leasing is that it would be typically you will be able to obtain vehicles that sit outside of your price range. Monthly instalments agreed with the dealer will be cheaper than repayments on a car loan as the business will not ‘own’ the vehicles. Maintenance and road tax is usually included in the lease agreements.

Our team of friendly customer advisors are experts in leasing terms and adapting packages to suit your needs to help you drive away the car of your dreams as soon as your choice is made. Visit our showroom today or call to book a test drive!

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