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  • 21 September 2019
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    How To Pair Your Smartphone With A Hyundai Ioniq

Hello everybody. I'm Boris. And today I'm here at Howard's Hyundai to talk you through very quickly how to connect your mobile phone to the Bluetooth system in the Hyundai Ioniq. Now, this is a video that a lot of people have requested because we know that it can be a little bit tricky finding these specific settings but no fear is really simple and I'll hop in and talk you through the process.

Video Transcript

  • So here we are at the home screen. Now what you need to do is click on all menus.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Click-All-Menu

  • Scroll across, tap on settings.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Click-Settings

  • And then the Bluetooth section over here.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Click-Bluetooth

  • Then click on Bluetooth connections in this varying menu. That's the top one there.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Click-Bluetooth-Connectc

  • And as we can see you've heard of a phone that has been connected recently. So if for example, I had a Galaxy S 8, you know I could just simply click connect and that would allow me to go through that process a lot faster but because I am adding a new phone completely from scratch click Add me down here in the bottom.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Click-Add-New

  • So as we can see it says the name Ioniq and what you need to do is go into your Bluetooth settings on your mobile device and as you can see this is my device here. And I've got the Ioniq popping up as a possible source for connection.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Device-Added

  • So what I will do is just tap on my phone. It says it's pairing and then we should get a request, here we are. It says Device name OnePlusSix, that's the phone I'm using. And on your phone depending on what variety you're using if it's an iPhone or a Samsung or an Android whatever it is we've got pair with Ioniq.

  • Now you can decide to tick or untick this box on my phone it might be different for you but just click pair.

  • And as you can see it says here on the screen that the OnePlusSix is now connected. Now as you can see we've been asked a question if we'd like to set my phone as the priority phone. I am going to say no because I'm only going to be using this demonstration for this vehicle. But if you wanted to make it a priority it definitely could. And it makes the whole process that little bit smoother. However, I am going to click no. The OnePlusSix is now connected as we can see, this makes life that little bit easier.
Hyundai-Ioniq - Set-Device

  • What I can do is go over to my phone and click on an app called Android Auto. There we can see that's what it looks like on my phone at any rate. It's just a small white icon with a kind of blue triangle. I click on that. And it opens up and as we can see my Spotify comes up and all the latest contacts that I've been using, my destinations and also the weather. Essentially this allows the phone to act as a sort of smaller version of a touchscreen interface that you would see in a larger form.

  • And it makes the whole process a lot safer and a lot simpler when you're driving because you can slot your phone down into the centre console section and then you can leave it to play your music. You can go back to the home and you can focus on your navigation.

So there we have it. That was a quick guide on how to connect your mobile device via Bluetooth to the Hyundai Ioniq. I hope this made life a little bit easier and more clear for those of you who are slightly confused about getting the most out of the entertainment facilities in your fantastic vehicles. If you have any more questions, please make sure to contact us by getting on the phone to one of our Hyundai dealerships or just leave us a comment anyway.

That's it for me, Boris here at Howard's Hyundai. I hope to see you soon for another video, make sure to keep your eyes peeled to see what useful tips and hints we'll have coming up in the future.

And take care.


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