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  • 27 October 2015

    Winter Car Health Checks

    We’ve heard it all before “this is going to be the coldest winter on record” although with the season upon us, it is the time to do some very important car checks.

    Whether its snow, ice or rain the cold and damp conditions can make our most routine trips much more challenging and can expose mechanical faults. Here is our checklist to prepare your car for the cold weather.

    Check your battery

    Cold temperatures and damp conditions are a killer for your car battery. This could result in your car struggling to start which in this case, it is best to replace the battery before you are left stranded. If one morning your car won’t start, you can jump-start it with or without jump leads or remove the battery and charge it indoors. However this should only be a temporary fix as the batteries can be complex and remember to always check the owner’s manual.

    The cost of a new car battery can vary from around £60 fitted, although in more sophisticated models with start-stop systems they can cost over £100 depending on size, type and electrical current produced.

    Check antifreeze

    An essential part of any engine is antifreeze; it prevents corrosion and scale build up in the coolant system and is vital to the correct operation of the engine. It is critical to maintain the health of your car’s engine therefore a modern coolant/antifreeze needs the following features:

    - Corrosion prevention
    - Excellent heat transfer
    - Protection from freezing
    - Prevention of scale build-up
    - Compatibility with hard water
    - Stability at high temperature
    - Compatibility with plastics and elastomers used in the engine
    - Low foaming

    Check Screen Wash

    In Britain it rains for most of the winter therefore you will be using your windscreen wipers much more. It is advised to wash the wipers regularly as they could smear grime across the screen. To ensure this does not happen to you, make sure your screen wash reservoir is filled up,   

    Winter Tyres

    Make an investment in winter tyres, they are specifically designed to be used for when the temperature outside drops below seven degrees. In heavy rain, snow and ice these winter tyres will provide an exceptional amount of grip making driving in these conditions much safer.

    If you would like to fully prepare your car for winter, checked by highly trained technicians then book a service at your nearest Howards dealership.    

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