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  • 18 November 2014
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    Road Safety Week 2014: Look Out For Each Other

    From Nov 17th – 23rd, Road Safety Week, co-ordinated by Brake, aims to highlight the dangers of failing to look out for others whilst negotiating roads throughout both the UK and globally. When on the road the act of being selfish can lead to tragedy, whether it be with speed, aggressive driving or not dedicating the level of attention needed for safe motoring. Brake hopes to educate on the importance of caring for others whilst behind the wheel.

    As we go about our daily commutes, routine journeys and Christmas break travels, it’s often the case that we wish to get from A-B as quickly and stress free as possible. However, this may result in a lack of full consideration to the environment around us and subsequently being fully focused behind the wheel becomes a difficult proposition. The Road Safety Week campaign is promoting greater awareness of our surroundings when we take to the wheel, predominately highlighting the importance of going appropriate legal speeds suitable for your surroundings, keeping a safe distance from fellow drivers and cyclists and ensuring full attention is dedicated to the road at all times.

    Locally set speed limits are often situated to tell the driver there’s a particular challenge ahead that may not be indicated by the stretch of road just travelled, such as sharp bends or an approaching school. Through respecting the Highway Code and recognising the Brake pledge, the five fatalities and 61 serious injuries occurring each year on UK roads can be dramatically reduced.  

    What Can I Do To Improve Road Safety?

    By recognising the simple things that can help protect those around you, an all-round safer road environment can be achieved for both drivers, cyclists and pedestrians.

    ·  Slow: Respect and stay under speed limits. Adhere to signs, never exceeding 20mph around homes, schools and shops to protect others around you. Slow down for bends, the brow of hills and reduce speed at night or in adverse weather. Only overtake when there is clear visibility of the road ahead and the road markings indicate that it is legal.

    ·  Sober: Do not exceed the drink-driving limit. If unsure, don’t take risks, organise an alternative form of transport home.

    ·  Secure: Everyone in the vehicle should be wearing a seat belt, with children smaller than 150cm being placed in a proper child restraint. By ensuring your car is maintained, the likelihood of accidents are dramatically decreased through optimising the vehicle’s performance, responsiveness and subsequent ability to avoid or absorb any unavoidable damage.

    ·  Silent: It’s a criminal offence to use a mobile phone without a hands-free kit when driving. However, it’s also distracting to be engaging in a phone-based conversation when behind the wheel, regardless of whether it’s legal or not. If it requires your attention, it’s reducing your focus on the road.

    ·  Sharp: It’s important to maintain an optimum level of concentration when driving. This means you should get your eyes tested at least once every 2 years, take regular breaks and avoid driving when tired or using medication that may affect your concentration.

    ·  Sustainable: Minimise driving times to safe levels.

    You can get involved with Road Safety week through fundraising or simply taking the Brake Pledge.  

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