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  • 09 August 2019
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    Peugeot Expert Van Model Review

  • Watch Our Review Of The Expert

    Hello everybody. I'm Boris. And today I'm here at Howards per show to review. This is of course the fantastic new Peugeot Expert van. Now as you might be aware Peugeot have been the choice for tradespeople for years. They're really quite reliable. They're extremely comfortable inside. And they're much more easy to drive than you'd would imagine.

Peugeot Expert headlight

peugeot expert loading capacity

Peugeot expert van headlights

Video Transcript

Let's take a look inside and I'll show you exactly what I mean. You see the whole cabin is essentially fitted out as if it was quite a large family car. These seats, for example, are extremely comfortable. Really great for long journeys, far from the early days of vans which were you know well there's a seat and it will do. This is much more about driver comfort. Not to mention we've got quite a large glove box with plenty of room. There are side pocket sections here in the door. Big enough for probably quite a large lunch or perhaps some plans.

We've also got this fantastic touch screen interface with all the relevant tools to make sure that you're enjoying your journey. There are options to connect your phone so you can play music while you're on the go. Not to mention hooking up your actual telephone. So you can call people to let them know you're on your way or traffic's a bit bad can be a bit late that kind of thing. We've got climate control options here. Traction control and hazard warning lights. There are locking system buttons, you can make sure that your van's nice and secure. Below that we have a small compartment for your smartphone which is positioned very nice, close to your USP and 12-volt sockets.

But we're far from finished. The middle seat, for example, it folds down to reveal a small table that you can bring all the way out. So you've got a little bit more room to maybe write down some customer details or take some notes on a project that you're doing. Either way a really, really cool feature. It adds an entire element of versatility so you can use this in place of an office.

Peugeot Expert Interior

Peugeot expert van cabin

And finally the best feature, I think, that a lot of people really appreciate. Is the folding bulkhead section let me show you this. If for example, we need to take back a rather long section of plank or plumbing pipes. Peugeot has thought about that because they've added a removable bulkhead feature. All you need to do is pull down this small yellow tab here fold the seat down in front. And this entire plate pops off. It allows you to put a whole other section of plank through this hole here into the front of the cabin. Now when we've got this section of metal plate off you may be thinking, this means it will just be clanking around in the back and being a real pain. Far from it in fact Peugeot has thought about that. And they've added this second section here that allows you to basically slot this on just to the back. Like that lift that one up and then slot it into place. There you go it fits really nice and snugly onto the back section of that bulkhead and doesn't get in your way. That means therefore that you have opened (excuse the crawling here) you've opened up an entirely new and fantastic section of space to make complete use of. This is genius from Peugeot and something that a lot of other companies could learn from.

And there we have it. That is, in short, the new Peugeot Expert is a fantastic, spacious, very well designed. And really incredibly comfortable van from Peugeot. If you'd like to get in contact with our team about test driving one of these. I'd highly recommend it because what's amazing about this van is it actually feels like a car to drive. That's something that is really pretty special in a vehicle that can easily accommodate most of my bedroom.

So give us a call on the details on our Peugeot dealers page. That's all for me.
I'll see you guys soon.
Take care.

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