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  • 27 January 2015
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    Keep Safe In The Winter Chill With Our Infographic!

    As the rest of the UK is hit with snow showers, in Somerset our warmer climes have helped keep the colder weather and chaos away (for now!). However, with a drop in temperatures expected in the next few weeks, at Howards Motor Group we have put together a handy infographic that gives some quick tips on how to deal with bad weather when behind the wheel and look after your pride and joy!

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    1.  Choose Winter Tyres: Snow, slush, ice and rain water all affect handling and stopping distances on the road. In fact, when the temperature dips below 7 degrees winter tyres will dramatically improve both your safety and vehicles handling. Winter tyres do not harden in low temperatures, meaning much improved grip on the tarmac. This decreases breaking distances and ensures your vehicle remains responsive.

    2.   Keep A Healthy Battery: When it’s cold your car battery is placed under serious strain. De-misting by putting the blower on full blast, constantly running the windscreen wipers and cold morning starts all mean one thing – the need for a healthy battery! If you are unsure about the state of your battery, our winter safety check at your local dealership can provide a helpful once-over for your vehicle.

    3.  Windscreen Care: As temperatures drop to below freezing, that small windscreen chip grows into a crack! Also, keeping worn windscreen wipers means obscured vision in rainfall (plus that annoying screeching sound!).   

    4.  Top Up Fluids: Keeping your windscreen washer tank topped up with the correct screenwash-to-water ratio means you’ll never have to resort to using a tissue and de-icer ever again to clean your windscreen! 

    5.  Keep an Emergency Kit On Hand: Keep a well charged mobile phone on hand when venturing out into poor weather conditions, especially when alone. A warm blanket can also come in handy if you unfortunately become stranded. Make sure your vehicle’s spare tyre is in good condition.

    6.  Plan Your Journey Ahead: If possible choose roads that are well lit and gritted. Give yourself plenty of time to drive to any appointments or work as rushing can increase the chances of an accident.

    7.  Keep It Clean: Salt grime affects your driving visibility through obscuring the windscreen and also restricts headlight vision. Also, it acts as a corrosive agent on paint work.

    8.  Get Ready With A Winter Check: The saying “Fail To Prepare, Prepare To Fail” has never been so relevant when considering a winter check! Protect your motor this winter snap with a Howards Winter Safety Check. From only £29.95, claim your free M & S voucher to use in store today. For more information click here

    Howards Winter Safety Check

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