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  • 14 August 2015
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    Car Checks That Need Doing on a Monthly Basis

    To avoid paying expensive car repairs in the future, you should be carrying out small checks on your car on a monthly basis. Regular car checks will make you aware of any issues, and it will reduce the risk of you potentially breaking down.

    Below are some simple and easy car checks that can be carried out on the driveway at home. We recommend that these should be carried out every 4 weeks but if your vehicle is old, these checks should be carried out on a more frequent basis.


    When looking at the tyres, you need to check the pressure and tread, but you should also lookout for any small cuts and punctures. To measure the tread place a 20p coin in the tyres groove. If the tread is above the rim on the 20p coin then your tyres are fine, if the tyres are below then the tyres will need replacing.

    If the pressure is low take a look inside your car manual which will state the tyre pressure measurements needed for your exact car model.

    Engine Oil

    Check the oil level with the dipstick, and if it needs topping up can do it at home with your own car oil or you can take it to your local mechanic where they can do it for a small fee. If you’ve got a long journey planned, then ensure that your car as plenty of oil as you don’t want to be stranded with engine problems.


    Over a long period of time, wipers can endure all sorts of weather conditions which can eventually cause the rubber on them to wear down. Check to see if the wipers clean the screen efficiently. If they appear to be smearing dirt/water across the screen then the wipers will need replacing to help improve visibility.


    Have a look to see if the windscreen fluid levels need topping up. If it needs refilling ensure you mix the correct amount of anti-freeze in with the water especially in winter as it will stop the coolant from freezing which will help prevent corrosion.


    Have a look at the exhaust pipe to see if there is any rust or decay present. If there is, then take it to a professional mechanic to see if the exhaust pipe needs replacing.


    Switch on your headlights, indicators, fog lights and break lights to ensure that they are still working 100%. We recommend checking them all at both night and daytime so you can efficiently test to see how bright they are. If they are covered in dirt give them a good polish to help improve visibility for other drivers.

    We hope these tips help! If your car is in need of a service or MOT, you can view more details about what services we offer here or you can contact your local Howards dealership for more information!

    Image credits; Rob Marmion / Shutterstock.com

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