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  • 21 December 2017
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    Best Dash Cams 2017

    Dash Cam’s used to be something that provided gripping and riveting footage used in crime programmes, so riveting in fact, that the footage has even been known to go viral across social media sites. These days though, Dash Cams are no longer reserved for police force fleets, they are more accessible than ever, many drivers across the UK are opting to install a Dash Cam in their own vehicles with ownership increasing from 1% to 15% in just four years and, according to the RAC four in ten drivers are planning on installing one! Last year alone, Dash Cam sales increased by 320% with the main reason to be reducing insurance premiums by recording accidents. With video evidence of any scrapes or bangs

    Whether you’re looking for yourself or as a gift for someone else we’ve had a look at what makes a good dash cam and why.

    What is a dashcam?

    A dash cam is a dashboard camera, car DVR (Digital Video Recorder), or car black box. It is ultimately an onboard camera that records your entire journey from your vehicle windscreen. It is normally mounted on the interior of the windscreen or to the top of the dashboard by either a suction cup or adhesive strip.

    Top reasons to get a dashcam?


    Dash Cams are one of the most useful in-car technologies, especially for those spending a lot of time behind the wheel. Their main purpose is to record your journeys and any incidents or accidents that may occur. With an increase in bogus insurance claims directly correlating with rising insurance premiums, a prominent reason for installing a Dash Cam is to give yourself all the evidence you need when making a claim should you need it. As well as this Dash Cams are incredibly useful for the following: learner drivers, new or returning drivers, giving you priceless insights into your driving habits and could improve driving habits on the whole!


    • They record what ACTUALLY happens in an accident or road incident providing you with irrefutable evidence.  
    • Last year the number of bogus insurance claims increased by over a third!
    • Some insurance companies offer up to a 10% discount to drivers with a dash cam.
    • Acting as an ‘eyewitness’ they enable insurance companies to process claims faster and with more accuracy.
    • The evidence could help protect your no claims discount.
    • Give insight into driving habits and help you to improve!
    • As they become more common, Dash Cams should help reduce car insurance and car theft.


    Which Dash Cam should I buy and why?


    Some cars such as the Citroen C3 have built in technology that records your driving but should you not have this particular car model and fancy installing Dash Cam technology in your own car then we suggest you have a look at the following list. Which Dash Cam is best for you and why?


    There are A LOT of Dash Cam’s available on the market ranging drastically in price, so with you in mind we’ve had a look at the Dash Cams which will do the job whilst being kind on the pocket from some of the leaders in the market. These will be great as a Christmas present or Birthday present.

    Garmin Dash Cam 30


    Reliable, HD, excellent coverage and clear footage


    The Garmin Dash Cam 30 captures crisp and clear footage in 1080p resolution and up to 64GB of storage space. No need to worry about forgetting to press ‘record’ either, if this camera is plugged in it’s recording and it features automatic Incident Detection so when an incident is detected your camera automatically saves the current, last and next recordings and gives you a complete view of the event.


    • 1080p HD driving recorder with 1.4” LCD Display
    • Excellent field of view even in poor light
    • Incident Detection
    • Snapshot feature - you can take still images inside or outside
    • Playback on camera or computer


    Mio MiVue 688


    Integrated GPS, Safety Camera Alerts and high-quality sensors and views


    The Mio MiVue 688 offers extremely high quality footage which automatically starts recording once you’ve started your car. Offering superior quality vision of the road around you, the Mio MiVue offers clear footage of all events. With GPS tracking and safety data it ensures you feel as safe whilst driving.


    • 1080p Full HD recording
    • High-quality Sony optic sensor - for great visibility even in low light
    • Safety Camera Warnings
    • GPS Tracking
    • Lane Departure Warning System

    Roadhawk Vision


    Small and discreet with quality footage that is easily accessible


    Capture every moment of your journey with this small and smart dash cam. Offering a great view of the road ahead and video that can be easily downloaded to your smartphone or even via a live-view feature on the free App.


    • 1080p very high quality footage
    • HDR sensor responds to different lights to ensure great footage in all conditions
    • Built in Wi-Fi enables you to transmit SuperHD footage direct to your smartphone
    • Easily download video clips to your phone
    • 120 degree wide angle view


    Next Base 312GW


    Instant upload capabilities, highly connective and automatically saves data should an incident occur


    Perfect for new and experienced motorists, this highly connective cam allows you easily upload video to both social media and insurers. With an array of safety features and easy to operate functions this robust little camera is a great addition to any car.


    • Allows instant upload to Social Media or insurer
    • Nextbase is one of most popular dash cam brands in UK
    • Inbuilt Wi-Fi allows you to download footage to smartphone
    • Powered magnetic Click&Go Mounting system and free from wires
    • GPS allows journey tracking


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