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  • 04 March 2016
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    7 Must-Have Accessories for Your Car

    Have you ever had the feeling that your car is missing something which could make life so much easier?

    Well you’ve come to the right place… we have created a list of the 7 best car accessories to buy this year to make your car more convenient for you.

    Below you’ll find tips and advice on how to choose the right accessory for your car and even a few recommendations from us at Howards.

    1. Bluetooth Headset/Hands-Free Phone

    Bluetooth Headset

    Most of us place our mobile devices in the centre console or dashboard when we are driving. Since 2003 when it was made illegal to use a mobile phone while driving, Bluetooth headsets and hands-free systems have become an essential kit to have in the car.

    You can choose between headsets which attach to your ear, or a hands-free device which can vary either as an individual speaker or built-in to the car’s stereo system (this will need to be professionally fitted).

    Most new cars will usually come with a hands-free system as an optional extra, but for older models you’ll have to search for the best solution out there.

    Government figures show that the use of a mobile phone was a contributing factor in 21 fatal accidents and 84 serious accidents in 2014.

    We recommend only making urgent calls using a headset or a hands-free system whilst driving as even holding a conversation can distract you from what is happening on the road.

    2. Car/Portable Chargers

    Phone Charger for Cars

    If you’re mobile devices battery is running low and its charger is far away at home, there is no need to worry as with a handy in-car charger, you will be able to stay connected wherever.

    Below are the two most common variants to suit your needs:

    • An adapter which connects to your car’s lighter socket with a USB port.
    • A portable charger which connects to your device via USB. (This portable battery can be charged at home).

    Usually mobile devices come with a USB cable which allows you to connect to the chargers above, if not contact the mobile provider and they will be able to supply you with a charger specifically for your device.

    3. Phone Holder

    If you use your mobile device for satellite navigation while travelling or for entertainment during a routine stop, then a phone holder will be the perfect accessory for you!

    Below are the two most common mobile phone holders for your car:

    • Magnetic mount - A small magnet holds your phone in place and is seated on to your car’s dashboard air vents.

    Magnetic Car Phone Holder

    • Arm mount – A phone holder which uses gripping arms to hold your phone in place, this can be seated on your car’s dashboard or windscreen.

    Car Phone Holder Clamp

    4. Foldable Boot Organiser

    These convenient space organisers are perfect for shopping, taking long trips or simply tidying up the boot of your car.

    Starting at a very affordable price, one of these boot organisers will provide you a storage solution with plenty of room to store cleaning supplies, maps, emergency gear, and shopping. When you’re not using the organiser you can simply fold it away.

    5. Pet Safety

    Dog Sat In Car With Belt and Cover

    Let’s face it, we can’t leave our furry friends at home alone, we love them too much and the easiest solution is to take them along in our cars!

    To protect your boot or seats from muddy paws, dog hairs (wet & dry) and pet smells we advise getting a water resistant car seat cover or boot liner.

    If your pet chooses to be seated on a car seat rather than in the boot, we recommend fitting a harness and seatbelt for safety. For extra security we also recommend fitting a pet travel barrier to the back of the front seats to keep your pup or cat securely in the backseat.

    6. Car Laptop Notebook Desk/Eating Tray

    A study in 2013 found that drivers spend the equivalent of three years and four months of their lives behind the wheel of a car. If you’re forever travelling from work and home, you’ll need to take a break every now and then.

    A simple tray which clips on to the steering wheel can act as a convenient work station or a place to eat. We recommend giving this car laptop notebook desk/eating tray a try for only a small price and advice not to be moving or driving with it attached.

    7. Tyre Pressure Monitor & Air Compressor

    Car Tyre Air Compressor

    As a car owner you should be carrying out regular checks on your vehicle’s tyres including checking the pressure and refilling to the manufacturer’s recommended pressure levels. If you drive with tyres at the incorrect pressure you will experience a performance loss and can risk unnecessary tyre wear.

    New cars will have built-in tyre monitors however these are not always a reliable source, it is best to check the pressures manually to get a clear reading.

    For a time-saving and easy solution we suggest purchasing an air compressor which gauges the air pressure and enables you to refill the tyres to the manufacturer’s recommended levels, found in the vehicle’s manual.

    There you go folks… with these 7 must-have accessories you won’t feel like anything is missing from your car. If you would like anymore advice on car accessories feel free to contact your local Howards Dealership.

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