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 Lotus Evija

Lotus has revealed its first car in a decade, the Evija. The first British pure-electric hypercar is hailed as the most powerful production car in the world. Only 130 will be built making it among the most exclusive cars ever launched. The Evija, pronounced ‘E-VEE-YA’ means the ‘first in existence’. This name fits as it's the first fully electric supercar from an established sports car marque, Lotus. Inspired by Le Mans sports cars and F1 racers, the Lotus Evija is a car like no other. Showcasing super slick sci-fi looks and equally outrageous performance. The Lotus Evija is a vehicle that was born to be driven.

Evija Exterior Design

The Lotus Evija continues a rich 70-year tradition of iconic, game-changing road and racing cars. It's one of the greatest vehicles to ever hit the road. It's elegant, balanced and offers a stunning aesthetic styling with ingenious technical solutions. All this creates an incredible looking supercar with plenty of high calibre design features. This luxury supercar oozes pure beauty and elegant simplicity. It debuts a new design language that will evolve and feature throughout future Lotus car models.

Lotus Evija Banner Front

The Evija is a true masterpiece and the most striking element is its exterior which is attention-grabbing from every angle. Its ultra-lightweight bespoke carbon fibre monocoque body makes it the world’s lightest production EV hypercar. Weighing in at 1680kg. The chassis is moulded as a single piece. Proving exceptional strength, rigidity and safety. This is then cloaked in carbon-fibre bodywork, while aerodynamics have played a defining role in the overall look. The dramatic Venturi tunnels at the rear give it a truly breath-taking presence. Design meets function as air draws through the body increasing downforce. While the LED taillights mimic afterburners on a fighter jet when illuminated. The Lotus Evija is the first production road car in the world to feature laser lights for both main and dipped beams. Produced by Osram, the lighting modules are very compact and provide an outstanding view of the road or track ahead. The strikingly thin vertical headlamps boast the perfect balance of crystal-like beauty and highly technical design. Inside the lenses, unique ‘wing-like’ elements form the daytime running lights and directional indicators.

Lotus Evija Side Banner

An integrated front splitter, inspired by the Type 73 Formula One car. Designed to help cool both the front axle and the battery, which is located behind the seats. Crouching low to the ground, with a ride height of just 105 mm. The pronounced muscular haunches envelop the teardrop cabin that sinks between them. An active rear spoiler has also been integrated into the bodywork to improve aerodynamics and performance. Taking inspiration from the aeronautics industry. The exterior is a perfectly proportioned blend of fluid forms and crisp lines. This is clearly illustrated by the gently curved but sharp leading edge of the bonnet. This is reminiscent of so many classic Lotus road and race cars. Futuristic, beautiful, and intriguing. The timeless design of the Lotus Evija comes from a bloodline steeped in daring innovation and radical thinking. The Evija is set to pave the way of all future supercars. It's the most dynamically accomplished model ever built by the company. Setting new standards for Lotus driving performance. Above all else, its ‘For the Drivers’.

Lotus Evija exterior aerodynamic rear tunnel rear light

Lotus Evija Rear view

Lotus Evija exterior side view.

Evija Key features

  • 2000 PS most powerful car ever to enter production
  • Weight 1680KG the lightest EV hypercar ever to enter production
  • Top speed more than 200mph
  • 1972 bhp
  • 0-60 in under 3 seconds
  • Less than 9 seconds to reach 186mph
  • 250-mile range – WLTP combined cycle
  • Charging time (350Kw charger) 18 minutes
  • Battery power 70kw/h / 2,000 kW

Hypercar Dimensions

  • Overall length: 4459 (mm)
  • Width: 2000 (mm)
  • Overall height: 1122 (mm)
Lotus Evija view from above

Performance, Lightweight Wheels

Magnesium wheels provide optimum lightness and strength. Lotus have staggered the sizing by offering 20-inch at the front and 21-inch at the rear. They are wrapped with Pirelli Trofeo R tyres. Developed specifically to achieve ultimate performance.

Lotus Evija Wheel Details

Minimalist Designed Interior

The interior of the Lotus Evija is as luxurious as the exterior. It's designed so the driver can maintain a pure, uninterrupted driving focus and be at one with the vehicle. The wow factor begins as they enter the vehicle through the two dihedral doors. These are handle-free to preserve the sculpted exterior and operated via the key fob. The butterfly wings are then closed via a switch in the roof console. Once inside the cabin, drivers will see that attention to detail is shown in every single aspect of the interior design. From the fully adjustable race-style seats to the multi-function steering wheel. The Evija is the very pinnacle of motorsport-inspired road car design and technology. The elegant carbon fibre shell seats are hand-trimmed with thick Alcantara-finished pads. The driving position is fully adjustable to accommodate the greatest range of occupants. A dominant characteristic of the cabin is the floating wing dashboard, which can be glimpsed from the outside through the windscreen.

Lotus Evija - Birdseye view

Lotus Evija Interior View

Lotus Evija Steering wheel

Lotus Evija Centre Control

Although futuristic, the interior is void of the unnecessary and it’s where Lotus’s age-old lightweight philosophy is evident. The designers have created a skeletal arrangement of carbon fibre beams that hold everything that a driver would need close to hand. The design of the steering wheel is inspired by an F1 car. Further reinforcing the Evija’s sporting intentions. The steering comes with a range of modes, Eco, City, Tour, Sport and Track.

LED screens on the doors stream footage from the wing-mounted cameras. To keep the design as uncomplicated as possible there is only one screen in the vehicle. This state of the art digital display provides the driver with all the necessary information in one place. Climate control and a premium infotainment system are fitted as standard. Drivers can seamlessly integrate their smartphones via Apple CarPlay and Android Auto, accessing their own music and navigation.

All-Electric Hypercar Charging

Not only does the Lotus Evija feature the world’s most powerful automotive drivetrain. It also boasts the world’s fastest charging 2,000 kW lithium-ion battery. The battery pack is mounted centrally behind the passenger compartment. The battery cover is visible through the glass rear screen. This positioning delivers significant advantages in terms of styling, aerodynamics. As well as packaging, weight distribution, occupant comfort and dynamic handling. It also ensures fast and convenient servicing and maintenance.

Lotus Evija Charging Port

Lotus Evija Rear Detailing

Thanks to the partnership with Williams Advanced Engineering. The battery has the ability to accept an 800kW charge. Although charging units capable of delivering this are not yet commercially available. When they are it will be possible to fully replenish the battery in just nine minutes. Using existing charging technology. Such as a 350kW unit, which is currently the most powerful available. The Evija’s charge time will be 12 mins to 80% and 18 mins to 100%. The car’s range is 250 miles (400 km) on the WLTP Combined Cycle, or 270 miles on the NEDC Combined Cycle. The CCS2 charging socket is hidden behind a vented flap at the rear of the car. In the same location is a small plaque, reminding customers that the Lotus Evija is the best of British manufacturing.

Evija's Electric Power

Power is fed from the battery pack to four independently controlled high-power density e-motors. These feature integrated silicon carbide inverters and an epicyclic transmission on each axle of the 4 wheel drive powertrain.

Four exceptionally compact, extremely lightweight and highly efficient single-speed, helical gear ground planetary gearboxes, transfer power to each driveshaft. Measuring a mere 100mm in-depth, each gearbox comes packaged with the e-motor and inverter as a single cylindrical Electrical Drive Unit (EDU). With a target power of 500 PS per e-motor, this is the most efficient and elegant engineering solution to deploying so much power with precision.

Torque-vectoring, enabled by the 4 electric motors, provides exceptional dynamic response and agility on the road. This fully automatic, self-adjusting system can instantly distribute power to any combination of 2, 3 or 4 wheels within a fraction of a second.

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