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Howards want to supply you with your next new van, keeping your business running smoothly as we offer you the best deals on all comercial Peugeot vans.

We have Peugeot's full range of commercial vans ready to be put to work. If your looking for a minivan, large panel van or midsize combi van we have you covered;
Visit our commercial experts at our Peugeot dealership located in Somerset and Dorset. Our experts are here to provide you with the right van for your business at the right price. Pop in to see our many deals and jump in for a test drive. You want to know the van fits you as a person as well as your business.

You know you're buying quality when you buy a Peugeot van, these vehicles have been in production since the early 1800's when two sons of owner Jean-Pierre converted their father’s grain mill into a steel foundry. More than two centuries later, innovation and quality remains central to Peugeot’s ethos, with their declaration to reducing the carbon footprint of all vehicles produced.