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Citroen Leasing Offers at Howards

If you are considering leasing a car from Howards, you can enjoy an extensive choice of Citroen models. Our team will talk you through your options as well as offer advice on the best models for your unique personal or business requirements.

Citroen have been in the automotive industry since 1919, so they certainly know a thing or two when it comes to offering a strong model line-up. Famed for automotive-firsts with groundbreaking technology and a strong pedigree in motorsport, you can trust Citroen to offer remarkable quality in their vehicles.

Included in the line-up are a variety of luxury vehicles from the Citroen DS Automobiles brand. All this is thorough evidence that you will find something suited to your needs in the Citroen range, from the small C3 or DS3 hatchbacks to a wide mixture of family cars like the executive D5 hatchback.

There are many benefits of leasing a vehicle including:

·  You’ll have a car which has all the latest safety features and is under warranty
·  You won’t have to worry about trading or selling the car or depreciation costs
·  Fixed regular payments

The brand image of Citroen is original, innovative and unique, making it an ideal option if you’re looking for a car that will offer you both style and substance. Get in touch with our dealerships in Taunton or Western-super-Mare for more information on our Citroën leasing options.